Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Commentary from Dan

This is a website that was developed to assist you in being more aware and to help educate you in regard to protection from criminal predators. A criminal predator is anybody who wants to victimize us in violation of the laws of our society.

Please use this website to educate yourself and pass it onto others. We would like to avert a tragedy.

Stay safe,


Will's mom said...

Thank you Dan, for your information. Keeping children safe today is far more difficult than it was when I was growing up. In 1964, when I was 6 years old, I was walking home from the school park when a white car with two men in it pulled up to me and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Typical actions of a 1964 child abductor. I knew enough to say no, even though I was petrified and too afraid to move. After the passenger asked me a couple more times, attempting to cajole me into the car, another car pulled up behind the white car scaring them off.

I believe God and His angels were protecting me that day and that is why the other car showed up.

If that had happened today, the man wouldn't have asked, he would have simply grabbed me.

One of the most difficult tasks I face as a parent of pre-teens and teens is that of allowing them the opportunities to gain independence while at the same time staying safe. It is a battle I face daily.

Dan, you know how even the most trusted people have the potential to be molesters.

I hope your blog reaches every person who needs it.

bewareofpredators said...

This is a really great sight for not just girls to check out but for everyone. I love reading stuff like this because when I am alone and worried about predators I like having the satisfaction of knowing what I can do to help myself out. I feel protected knowning I took the precautions. People need to realize that scary stuff does happen and that it isn't just like the movies. It's not as easy to handle as it looks. You dont always get away, but the more prepared you are, but better chance you are. I also hope this will help parents feel more secure with their children knowing they know what to do in an emergency. So thank you for the great advice and keep the info coming.

Beans said...

Chief Trelka,

The blog sounds like an inovative new approach to law inforcement in Sturgeon Bay. My compliments to you, keep up the good work. We have a great, safe city lets keep it that way.

Molly said...

Thanks for visiting my site...will spread the word of yours and put up a link on mine. Brianna Dennison is in the hearts of many in Reno, even those of us who don't know her personally. We just want her home.

Bill said...

Dan - I just want to tell you a hearty "welcome aboard" from a retired officer of Waterloo - I retired in 1993 and experienced the severe political chaos that prevailed at that time. The "only" way to break this is by recruiting outside talent and you are it. I would encourage you to keep an eye on your back, however, as the influence is still there alive and well.
Good luck to you and your family, God Bless.
Bill W. Trammell